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Glenn Jolley S'60
Book can be purchased at Amazon - ISBN 13: 979 - 8643378044
Available in Paperback or Kindle Edition
In his Sevenies, Glenn William Jolley solo backpacked long stretches of the Pacific Crest Trail, the entire John Muir Trail, and the Wonderland Trail claiming there is something compelling and seductive, rich, and extraordinary being alone in the wilderness.

TRAIL ANGELS: Tales of Generosity and Kindness On the Pacific Crest Trail
akes the reader over high mountain passes, along gentle moving streams, through meadows bursting with colorful wildflowers. But equally important, it is a recounting of the many encounters Glenn had with fellow hikers who became his Trail Angels: some saved him from heading down a path in the wrong direction, some stopped to offer words of encouragement, while others protected him from harm's way.

In the wilderness, so Glenn writes, we often become the people we have often wanted to be - kinder, more trusting, more generous - but for some reason fail to be so in our busy lives back home. Here are stories of how, given the opportunity, we can become our best selves.

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