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Susan Carnell W'60

  Susan Jean Carnell - aka Susan Wakeford Angard

Although she was our Reseda High classmate, Susan Wakeford Angard graduated high school on the lot of Twentieth Century Fox Studio. During this time, she had leading roles in major television shows at Fox Studios, Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal and MGM. Her fascination for Ancient art then led her to study for an art history MFA at UCLA.

After leaving UCLA, Susan joined a family-owned TV Commerdial Production Company, shooting consumer product commercials from McDonald's to Budweiser, Purina and Boeing. She traveled much of the world filming on location, including in the Middle East during the last months of the Shah of Iran's regime. Susan became an eye-witness to the Islamic Revolution.


In September of 1978 I was in Iran producing a TV commercial package for Boeing Aircraft and was an eyewitness to the first harrowing days of Khomeini’s Revolutionary Guard’s bloody takeover. Vivid memories haunted me when I returned to the states until I said, enough! I’m writing this story. My previous writing was for an episodic CBS network TV series, Hawaii Five O. Wanting to switch from screenwriting to fiction I attended the UCLA writers program and the advanced writer’s program at UCI and am currently part of an extended writers critique group.

The first book from The Persian Glories Saga Trilogy, On Wings of a Lion, can be found on Amazon Books, Apple Books, and Barnes and Nobel ebooks

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